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Angels, Men, and Jinns
A Brief Account of the True Nature of the UFO Entities
by Gordon Creighton

This article, which appeared originally in FSR 29/1 (October 1983) is reprinted now at the request of a number of readers, and to remind all our readers of what lies ahead for Mankind. Ever since its publication, the article has been treated throughout the world with total silence, and there is a general agreement among all Ufologists on both sides of the Atlantic never to give it a mention.
     FSR Consultant Dr Richard F. Haines expected me to print his comprehensive REVIEW OF EXPLANATORY HYPOTHESES FOR UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA, and I promptly did so. (FSR 32/2 - 1987.) But it might be noted that he did not deem it necessary to include the slightest reference to my work in his survey, even as a minimal gesture of courtesy.
     Four of the leading experts in Ufology in the world have written me privately to say that they think I am on the right track. Only one of them - Ann Druffel - has had the guts to say so publicly.


One of the more curious features of the followers of the various religions is that, being so dogmatically certain that in their own particular little faith they already possess the whole Truth about all things in Heaven and Earth, it almost never occurs to any of them to look elsewhere and find out what the followers of other religions may know or may have discovered. This is certainly a pity, for study of all the great world-religions -- and notably Islam -- would yield valuable clues as to the true nature of the so-called "UFO Phenomenon" and would rapidly eliminate much of the fatuous "Space-Age Mythology" that has been spawned in such profusion over the last three decades.
     Islam knows, in fact, of the existence of THREE entirely separate and distinct species of intelligent beings in the Universe, and indeed can furnish surprisingly precise details regarding their natures and roles and activities.


     The first category is of course that of the ANGELS or Messengers (Greek: ANGELOS; Hebrew: MALACH; Arabic: MALAK). These are high beings created of LIGHT.
     The second category, however, and the one with which we are here concerned, is the category of those beings (CREATED BEFORE MAN WAS) who are referred to collectively in Arabic as AL-JINN. Although there is some dispute about it among Arab grammarians, most of their lexicologists seem to hold that the word derives -- as Arabic words almost invariably do -- from a verb-root, namely JANNA, "TO HIDE OR TO CONCEAL" -- indeed a very fitting derivation for the name of these creatures.
     The third category are MEN, with bodies created according to the QUR'AN, of CLAY, or, in other words, this being poetic language, they have physical bodies assembled from the mineral and chemical elements of our PERIODIC TABLE -- the "PLANETARY BODY", as Gurdjieff used to call it.
     Whereas the bodies of Angels are of light and the bodies of men are of the gross elements of the Earth, the bodies of AL-JINN consist of what is variously translated as "ESSENTIAL FIRE", or "ESSENTIAL FLAME", or "SMOKELESS FIRE", or "SMOKELESS FLAME", and it is specifically stated in the QUR'AN (Surah XV, 26 and 27) THAT THEY WERE CREATED BEFORE MANKIND WAS. (Some scholars have speculated that these might be the "PRE-ADAMIC MEN" whose existence is hinted at here and there in the "Holy Bible.")
     There has been much debate among modern students of Arabic as to precisely what these terms "MIN NARI AL-SAMUMI" and "MIN MARIJIN MIN NARIN" can conceivably mean in modern parlance, and some scholars have concluded that, in using these terms, the Prophet Muhammad (the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) was there attempting to describe what Western occultists have tried to describe by such terms as ETHER, or maybe the so-called ETHERIC OR ASTRAL PLANES. (I have also seen it suggested that some sort of PLASMA is indicated.)
     (Needless to say, such concepts as ETHERIC PLANE and ASTRAL PLANE have no meaning for modern Science and, so far as I know, apart from Dirac, the physicists have abandoned their speculations regarding the existence of an ether.)


Wherever it is that the JINNS are thought of as being normally located, it seems highly likely that the source of many of them, at any rate, is not very distant from us, and some Muslim scholars who have become aware of the current Western research into the so-called "UFO Phenomenon" and have reflected awhile upon it have concluded -- and I think correctly -- that maybe the best way we can start to visualize these matters is by thinking of the JINNS AS BEING VERY CLOSE INDEED TO US AND AND YET AT THE SAME TIME SOMEHOW VERY FAR FROM US. IN OTHER WORDS, ON SOME OTHER DIMENSION, OR IN SOME OTHER SPACE/TIME FRAMEWORK, "RIGHT HERE', OR MAYBE IN A WORLD OF ANTI-MATTER RIGHT HERE, OR OCCUPYING AS IT WERE SOME OTHER UNIVERSE THAT IS HERE, BEHIND ALICE'S MIRROR: "A MIRROR-UNIVERSE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM" AS IT HAS BEEN NEATLY PUT BY SOME INVESTIGATORS.
     The QUR'AN, however, is not clear on this, and admittedly it looks as though it is very possible that some of the JINNS could be fully physical and what we call extraterrestrials, while other species of them are of an altogether and finer sort of matter, corresponding to what various UFO investigators have tried to indicate by such terms as "ULTRATERRESTRIAL"