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Reptilian-Sauroid vs Human
Actual Conflict Locations

The following locations are areas where, according to various sources, actual conflicts have taken place between humans and, in most cases, sauroid-reptilian beings. Most of these conflicts have taken place within or near entrances to underlying artificial tunnels or natural cavern systems.

Each site will be NAMED, followed by the TYPE of conflict (ranging from abductions or mutilations against humans by the saurians-reptilians, to battles or attacks upon the saurians by human forces); next, the specific SITE of the 'conflict'; followed by a DESCRIPTION of the human and alien beings involved in the conflict; and finally the SOURCE of the information.

Although many such conflicts have allegedly taken place in other countries, the highest concentrations seem to have occurred in the U.S., which will be the major focus of this list. These sites are as follows:

1) DIXONVILLE, PA - (abduction-murder/Dixonville mine tunnel/miners vs. saurian-reptoids) - source: Patrick O'Connel.

2) Lincoln Tunnel, New York state - (abduction- disappearance/road tunnel/ humans vs. unknown) - source: John Grant.

3) Hopland-Lakeport, CA - (abductions/mountain road between towns-underground caverns/U.S. Govt. vs. MIB & possibly Reptilians - MIB vehicles seen to disappear into cliff) - source: Raymond A. Palmer.

4) Superstition Mts. east of Phoenix, AZ - (abductions- murders/mountains-Boyton Canyon also-underground bases/miners & explorers vs. MIB & sauroid reptilians) - source: 'Commander X'.

5) Nellis Range & Military complex, southern NV - (abductions-murders/underground bases: S-4, Groom Lake, Dreamland, Blue Diamond, Indian Springs, Mercury, Test Site, etc.,/loyal U.S. Govt. vs. Reptilians of various types, MIB & 'controlled' secret govt.) - source: Michael Lindemann.

6) Dulce, M.M. - (battles-abductions-mutilations- murders/underground bases surrounding Dulce/scientists, locals & special forces vs. Reptilians of various types & 'implanted' CIA- secret govt.) - source: Paul Bennewitz.

7) Salt Lake City, UT - (abductions-murder/tunnels beneath Crossroads cinemas & caverns below Wasatch Mts./explorers, workers & subsurface humans vs. Reptilians of various types & MIB; also possible growing conflict & dissension between 'hu-brid slaves' and sauroid reptilians) - source: S.L. security workers.

8) Gallatin, TN - (abduction/subterranean chambers/farmers vs. unknown) - source: Whitley Strieber.

9) Manhattan, N.Y. - (abductions/tunnels-underground bases/missing persons vs. saurian grays, etc.) - source: 'Commander X'.

10) Boston, Mass. - (abduction/from basement & sub-basements to tunnels-caverns/missing persons vs. unknown) - source: Raymond A. Palmer.

11) Between Helvetia & Newville, W VA. - (abduction/caverns & tunnels/explorers-surface workers & subterran humans vs. unknown) - source: Joan Howard.

12) Fort Wayne, CO - (abduction-captivity/underground base/former Dulce worker & others vs. Reptoid saurians & MIB) - source: Val Valerian.

13) Redwood Falls, Minn. - (battles & subterran woman rescued/small opening outside of town leading to tunnels- caverns/surface U.S. soldier & subsurface humans vs. Reptilian 'dero'!?) - source: Raymond A. Palmer.

14) Cushman, ARK - (battles/tunnels-cavern systems west & northwest of town/surface & subsurface human alliance vs. saurian-serpents; also human-Sasquatch vs. saurian-serpents) - source: Charles A. Marcoux.

15) Burley, ID - (psychic attack-murder/tunnel about 6 mi. west of town to underlying caverns/human victim-explorer vs. unknown) - source: Raymond A. Palmer.

16) McCallester, OK - (battle-conflict, shots fired/cavern & artificial tunnels beneath mound/armed human explorers vs. unknown) - source: Charles A. Marcoux.

17) Kansas City, MO - (battle-conflict-human escapes/cave hidden in cliff on shore of Missouri River/human explorer vs. Reptoid!?) - source: Charles A. Marcoux.

18) New Kensington, PA - (chase-escape/sewer tunnel near town/local children vs. infant 'sauroid' which was chased back into a 'sewer' opening from where it emerged) - source: Lucius Farish.

19) Loveland, OH - (attack, shots fired/Little Miami & Ohio rivers/farmers & armed police officers vs. semi-aquatic or subterran 'lizard' like sauroid encounter on road & which escaped back to the river) - source: Loren Coleman.

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