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Alternative 3
by Leslie Watkins with David Ambrose & Christopher Miles

Section 1

NO NEWSPAPER has yet secured the truth behind the operation known as ALTERNATIVE 3. Investigations by journalists have been blocked by governments on both sides of the Iron Curtain. America and Russia are ruthlessly obsessed with guarding their shared secret and this obsession, as we can now prove, has made them partners in murder.
     However, despite this intensive security, fragments of information have been made public. Often they are released inadvertently by experts who do not appreciate their sinister significance and these fragments, in isolation, mean little. But when jigsawed together they form a definite pattern, a pattern which appears to emphasize the enormity of this conspiracy of silence.
     On May 3, 1977, the Daily Mirror published this story:

President Jimmy Carter has joined the ranks of UFO spotters. He sent in two written reports stating he had seen a flying saucer when he was the Governor of Georgia.
     The President has shrugged off the incident since then, perhaps fearing that electors might be wary of a flying saucer freak.
     But he was reported as saying after the sighting; "I don't laugh at people any more when they say they've seen UFOs because I've seen one myself."
     Carter described his UFO like this: "Luminous, not solid, at first bluish, then reddish...it seemed to move towards us from a distance, stopped, then moved partially away."
     Carter filed two reports on the sighting in 1973, one to the International UFO Bureau and the other to the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.
     Heydon Hewes, who directs the International UFO Bureau from his home in Oklahoma City, is making speeches praising the President's "open-mindedness."
     But during his presidential campaign last year Carter was cautious. He admitted he had seen a light in the sky but declined to call it a UFO.
     He joked: "I think it was a light beckoning me to run in the California primary election."

     Why this change in Carter's attitude? Because, by then, he had been briefed on Alternative 3?
     A 1966 Gallup Poll showed that five million Americans including several highly experienced airline pilots claimed to have seen Flying Saucers. Fighter pilot Thomas Mantell has already died while chasing one over Kentucky his F.51 aircraft having disintegrated in the violent wash of his quarry's engines.
     The U.S. Air Force, reluctantly bowing to mounting pressure, asked Dr. Edward Uhler Condon, a professor of astrophysics, to head an investigation team at Colorado University.
     Condon's budget was $500,000. Shortly before his report appeared in 1968, this story appeared in the London Evening Standard:

The Condon study is making headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. It is losing some of its outstanding members, under circumstances which are mysterious to say the least. Sinister rumors are circulating...at least four key people have vanished from the Condon team without offering a satisfactory reason for their departure.
     The complete story behind the strange events in Colorado is hard to decipher. But a clue, at last may be found in the recent statements of Dr. James McDonald, the senior physicist at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Arizona and widely respected in his field.
     In a wary, but ominous, telephone conversation this week, Dr. McDonald told me that he is "most distressed."
     Condon's 1,485-page report denied the existence of Flying Saucers and a panel of the American National Academy of Sciences endorsed the conclusion that "further extensive study probably cannot be justified."

     But, curiously, Condon's joint principal investigator, Dr. David Saunders, had not contributed a word to that report. And on January 11, 1969, the Daily Telegraph quoted Dr. Saunders as saying of the report:

"It is inconceivable that it can be anything but a cold stew. No matter how long it is, what it includes, how it is said, or what it recommends, it will lack the essential element of credibility."

     Already there were wide spread suspicions that the Condon investigation had been part of an official cover-up, that the government knew the truth but was determined to keep it from the public. We now know that those suspicions were accurate. And that the secrecy was all because of Alternative 3.
     Only a few months after Dr. Saunders made his "cold stew" statement a journalist with the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch embarrassed the National Aeronautics and Space Agency by photographing a strange craft -- looking exactly like a Flying Saucer -- at the White Sands missile range in New Mexico.
     At first no one at NASA would talk about this mysterious circular craft, 15 feet in diameter, which had been left in the "missile graveyard" a section of the range where most experimental vehicles were eventually dumped.
     But the Martin Marietta company of Denver, where it was built, acknowledged designing several models, some with ten and twelve engines. And a NASA official, faced with this information, said:

"Actually the engineers used to call it 'The Flying Saucer.' "

     That confirmed a statement made by Dr. Garry Henderson, a leading space research scientist:

"All our astronauts have seen these objects but have been ordered not to discuss their findings with anyone."

     Otto Binder was a member of the NASA space team. He has stated that NASA "killed" significant segments of conversation between Mission Control and Apollo 11, the spacecraft which took Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to the Moon and that those segments were deleted from the official record:

"Certain sources with their own VHF receiving facilities that by passed NASA broadcast outlets claim there was a portion of Earth Moon dialogue that was quickly cut off by the NASA monitoring staff."

     Binder added:

"It was presumably when the two moon walkers, Aldrin and Armstrong, were making the round some distance from the LEM that Armstrong clutched Aldrin's arm excitedly and exclaimed 'What was it? What the hell was it?