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(Or, The Conspiracy Against Reality)

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-- Acts 2:19 --

The author of the following story is a Navaho Indian. He revealed this tribal secret which he learned from the Paiute Indians, who inhabit the Great Basin and Mojave deserts of Utah, Nevada, and California.
     This native American, who went by the name Oga-Make, related the following account in appreciation for a story on the Navaho which appeared in the Spring of 1948 in a magazine which was carrying numerous articles on the mysterious "signs" or "fires" in the skies which were causing an enormous amount of confusion and debate during that same year, as well as the years following.
     The article on the Navaho nation, which appeared in an earlier issue, told of the suffering that their tribe had gone through during past winter seasons, and encouraged the readership to send goods and supplies to help them through the upcoming winter of '48-'49, which many of them did.
     In appreciation of this, Oga-Make related the following 'legend' which told of the secret history of the Americas which ran it's course, possibly thousands of years before white men set their foot en masse upon it's shores:

...Most of you who read this are probably white men of a blood only a century or two out of Europe. You speak in your papers of the Flying Saucers or Mystery Ships as something new, and strangely typical of the twentieth century. How could you but think otherwise? Yet if you had red skin, and were of a blood which had been born and bred of the land for untold thousands of years, you would know this is not true. You would know that your ancestors living in these mountains and upon these prairies for numberless generations, had seen these ships before, and had passed down the story in the legends which are the unwritten history of your people. You do not believe? Well, after all, why should you? But knowing your scornful unbelief, the storytellers of my people have closed their lips in bitterness against the outward flow of this knowledge.
     Yet, I have said to the storytellers this: now that the ships are being seen again, is it wise that we, the elder race, keep our knowledge to ourselves? Thus for me, an American Indian, some of the sages among my people have talked, and if you care to, I shall permit you to sit down with us and listen.
     Let us say that it is dusk in that strange place which you, the white-man, calls "Death Valley." I have passed tobacco... to the aged chief of the Paiutes who sits across a tiny fire from me and sprinkles corn meal upon the flames...
     The old chief looked like a wrinkled mummy as he sat there puffing upon his pipe. Yet his eyes were not those of the unseeing, but eyes which seemed to look back on long trails of time. His people had held the Inyo, Panamint and Death Valleys for untold centuries before the coming of the white-man. Now we sat in the valley which white-man named for Death, but which the Paiute calls Tomesha-- The Flaming Land. Here before me as I faced eastward, the Funerals (mountains forming Death Valley's eastern wall) were wrapped in purple-blue blankets about their feet while their faces were painted in scarlet. Behind me, the Panamints rose like a mile-high wall, dark against the sinking sun.
     The old Paiute smoked my tobacco for a long time before he reverently blew the smoke to the four directions. Finally he spoke.
     "You ask me if we heard of the great silver airships in the days before white-man brought his wagon trains into the land?"
     "Yes grandfather, I come seeking knowledge." (Among all tribes of my people, grandfather is the term of greatest respect which one man can pay to another.)
     "We, the Paiute Nation, have known of these ships for untold generations. We also believe that we know something of the people who fly them. They are called The Hav-musuvs."
     "Who are the Hav-musuvs?"
     "They are a people of the Panamints, and they are as ancient as Tomesha itself."
     He smiled a little at my confusion.
     "You do not understand? Of course not. You are not a Paiute. Then listen closely and I will lead you back along the trail of the dim past.
     "When the world was young, and this valley which is now dry, parched desert, was a lush, hidden harbor of a blue water -- sea which stretched from half way up those mountains to the Gulf of California, it is said that the Hav-musuvs came here in huge rowing-ships. They found great caverns in the Panamints, and in them they built one of their cities. At that time California was the island which the Indians of that state told the Spanish it was, and which they marked so on their maps.
     "Living in their hidden city, the Hav-musuvs ruled the sea with their fast rowing-ships, trading with far-away peoples and bringing strange goods to the great quays said still to exist in the caverns.
     "Then as untold centuries rolled past, the climate began to change. The water in the lake went down until there was no longer a way to the sea. First the way was broken only by the southern mountains, over the tops of which goods could be carried. But as time went by, the water continued to shrink, until the day came when only a dry crust was all that remained of the great blue lake. Then the desert came, and the Fire-God began to walk across Tomesha, The Flaming-Land.
     "When the Hav-musuvs could no longer use their great rowing-ships, they began to think of other means to reach the world beyond. I suppose that is how it happened. We know that they began to use flying canoes. At first they were not large, these silvery ships with wings. They moved with a slight whirring sound, and a dipping movement, like an eagle.
     "The passing centuries brought other changes. Tribe after tribe swept across the land, fighting to possess it for awhile and passing like the storm of sand. In their mountain city still in the caverns, the Hav-musuvs dwelt in peace, far removed from the conflict. Sometimes they were seen in the distance, in their flying ships or riding on the snowy-white animals which took them from ledge to ledge up the cliffs. We have never seen these strange animals at any other place. To these people the passing centuries brought only larger and larger ships, moving always more silently."
     "Have you ever seen a Hav-musuv?"
     "No, but we have many stories of them. There are reasons why one does not become too curious."
     "Yes. These strange people have weapons. One is a small tube which stuns one with a prickly feeling like a rain of cactus needles. One cannot move for hours, and during this time the mysterious ones vanish up the cliffs. The other weapon is deadly. It is a long, silvery tube. When this is pointed at you, death follows immediately."
     "But tell me about these people. What do they look like and how do they dress?"
     "They are a beautiful people. Their skin is a golden tint, and a head band holds back their long dark hair. They dress always in a white fine-spun garment which wraps around them and is draped upon one shoulder. Pale sandals are worn upon their feet..."
     His voice trailed away in a puff of smoke. The purple shadows rising up the walls of the Funerals splashed like the waves of the ghost lake. The old man seemed to have fallen into a sort of trance, but I had one more question.
     "Has any Paiute ever spoken to a Hav-musuv, or were the Paiutes here when the great rowing-ships first appeared?"
     For some moments I wondered if he had heard me. Yet as is our custom, I waited patiently for the answer. Again he went through the ritual of the smoke-breathing to the four directions, and then his soft voice continued:
     "Yes. Once in the not-so-distant-past, but yet many generations before the coming of the Spanish, a Paiute chief lost his bride by sudden death. In his great and overwhelming grief, he thought of the Hav-musuvs and their long tube-of-death. He wished to join her, so he bid farewell to his sorrowing people and set off to find the Hav-musuvs. None appeared until the chief began to climb the almost unscaleable Panamints. Then one of the men in white appeared suddenly before him with the long tube, and motioned him back. The chief made signs that he wished to die, and came on. The man in white made a long singing whistle and other Hav-musuvs appeared. They spoke together in a strange tongue and then regarded the chief thoughtfully. Finally they made signs to him making him understand that they would take him with them.
     "Many weeks after his people had mourned him for dead, the Paiute chief came back to his camp. He had been in the giant underground valley of the Hav-musuvs, he said, where white lights which burn night and day and never go out, or need any fuel, lit an ancient city of marble beauty. There he learned the language and the history of the mysterious people, giving them in turn the language and legends of the Paiutes. He said that he would have liked to remain there forever in the peace and beauty of their life, but they bade him return and use his new knowledge for his people."
     I could not help but ask the inevitable.
     "'Do you believe this story of the chief?"
     His eyes studied the wisps of smoke for some minutes before he answered.
     "I do not know. When a man is lost in Tomesha, and the Fire-God is walking across the salt crust, strange dreams like clouds, fog through his mind. No man can breathe the hot breath of the Fire-God and long remain sane. Of course, the Paiutes have thought of this. No people knows the moods of Tomesha better than they.
     "You asked me to tell you the legend of the flying ships. I have told you what the young men of the tribe do not know, for they no longer listen to the stories of the past. Now you ask me if I believe. I answer this. Turn around. Look behind you at that wall of the Panamints. How many giant caverns could open there, being hidden by the lights and shadows of the rocks? How many could open outward or inward and never be seen behind the arrow-like pinnacles before them? How many ships could swoop down like an eagle from the beyond, on summer nights when the fires of the furnace-sands have closed away the valley from the eyes of the white-man? How many Hav-musuvs could live in their eternal peace away from the noise of white-man's guns in their unscaleable stronghold? This has always been a land of mystery. Nothing can change that. Not even white-man with his flying engines, for should they come too close to the wall of the Panamints a sharp wind like the flying arrow can sheer off a wing. Tomesha hides its secrets well even in winter, but no man can pry into them when the Fire-God draws the hot veil of his breath across the passes.
     "I must still answer your question with my mind in doubt, for we speak of a weird land. White-man does not yet know it as well as the Paiutes, and we have ever held it in awe. It is still the forbidden 'Tomesha--Land-Of-The-Flaming-Earth.'"

     The preceding account, titled "TRIBAL MEMORIES OF THE FLYING SAUCERS", appeared in the Sept. 1949 issue of FATE magazine. Coincidentally or not, this same 'legend' was repeated in amazing similarity by an old prospector by the name of Bourke Lee in his book DEATH VALLEY MEN (Macmillan Co., New York, 1932). However, Lee stated that it was NOT a legend, but an actual account of the discovery of a (now abandoned) city WITHIN the Panamint Mountains as he heard it from three other people who claimed to have seen this ancient wonder beneath the earth.
     Believe it or not, those who talked to Bourke Lee mentioned the ancient 'lake' within Death Valley, the ancient city within the Panamints themselves, and even the large tunnel-like 'quays' or ancient boat docks above the ancient shoreline on the eastern slope of the Panamints which led INTO the ancient city... ancient artifacts which they swore they saw with their own eyes.
     The Editors of FATE magazine introduced the story which appears above with the following words:

...FATE presents two new saucer stories in this issue. The first is a startling account of an aviation editor's encounter with two disks (two week's after he had photographed four and was frustrated in every attempt to get the photo into the big dailies and thus prove the flying saucers were real at the height of the 'scare'); and the second is a tribal secret of the Paihute Indians given to FATE magazine out of appreciation for FATE's Navaho story in the Spring, 1948 issue, which helped relieve their hardship in the ensuing winter. Your editor wonders about (these) stories, and presents them as a possible solution of the nature and origin of the famous disks. Both these stories arrived on our desk on the same day. They corroborate each other. We say that investigation will prove both to be true. We admit, however, that we believe it will be as impossible to prove the Hav-musuv story as it has been to produce a captive disk. Your editor, however, has been a friend of the American Indian for many years, and he has rarely known an Indian to lie. He is convinced of the sincerity of the story we present in this issue, and that it has not been distorted. What does it mean? What, really, are the Hav-musuvs?

     The story of the Hav-musuvs seems to be a major or key 'piece' of the overall puzzle of a wide range of aerial as well as subsurface phenomena which have mystified numerous researchers throughout this century.
     Not the least of these unusual phenomena were the so-called 'contactees' of California who during the 1950's and '60's, in fact, described their own alleged encounters with 'benevolent' human-like beings who were seen to emerge from aerial disks, not far at all from the mysterious Panamint mountains themselves.
     The Mojave Desert is also, believe it or not, the very place where William Shatner claimed to have had his UFO encounter with a 'silvery disk', which he alleges saved his life after he became lost in the Mojave's other-worldly expanse, and this long before he was Christened 'Captain' of the U.S.S. Enterprise!
     The Mojave Desert of California is in this sense perhaps one of the most interesting areas in the world whereas encounters with strange aerial phenomena are concerned. In certain small California and Mojave Desert towns, like the small town of Anza for instance, one is more likely to be called crazy for NOT believing in UFO's than they are for believing in them. Sightings have been so numerous over the years that these aerial visitors are an accepted fact of life.
     The interesting thing, however, is that the two most commonly reported types of 'occupants' which are described by thousands of witnesses with remarkable consistency the world over (in relation to these aerial phenomena) play a large part in the Mojave Desert scenario as well. These are the two groups which have often been referred to at the 'Saurian Grays' and the 'Nordic Blonds'.
     Both types of 'entities' have appeared in many accounts describing encounters with not only so-called extraterrestrial beings, but also the lesser known -- although nevertheless persistent -- accounts of intra-terranean beings as well. In this file we will document numerous accounts which seem to suggest that the 'Nordics' may be our ancient ancestors who, a few thousand years previous to the modern 'space race', may have attained the science and technology necessary to burrow deep into the earth in order to construct vast subterranean technological metropolises, and shortly thereafter like a slingshot from the lower depths of the earth they may have hurled themselves in starships of their own devising through the interplanetary and perhaps even interstellar depths of space.
     The strange allegation among 'UFOlogists', however, is one mentioned by many 'contactees' who allege that a neo-sauroid or reptilian race known as the GRAYS may have for hundreds if not thousands of years been in conflict, or even in all-out warfare with the so-called 'Nordics' (as we will see further on, the "Nordic" appellation may be closer to the truth than one might think). The explanation given by some researchers as to the ACTUAL ORIGIN of this malevolent and predatory (other) race of 'grayish' aliens may shock you!
     Since National Polls reveal that approximately 80 percent of all Americans believe in the phenomena known as UFO's to some degree, and that as many as 2 percent or 1 in 50 believe that they have been targets of 'abduction' by the same in the past, this file is written with the assumption that the reader is one of the 80% (and possibly even one of the 2 percent who have experiential knowledge of the UFO phenomena).
     If the reader believes that they are part of the 20 percent who do not believe in UFO's and have no desire to do so, then the following may not be for you. If one does not like the idea of having the very 'fabric' of their concept of reality torn apart and woven back together again, then they might do well to pass on this information to someone with a more open mind. But if you desire to bear with us, we will reveal to you the hidden secrets of one place on earth which appears to be a 'doorway' to other worlds, to worlds and realities and adventures which may well make the reader's own perception of 'reality' seem absolutely mundane to the extreme...
     But if you dare, then read on:

George H. Leonard, in his book SOMEBODY ELSE IS ON THE MOON (David McKay Co. Inc., New York., 1967), quotes Morris K. Jessup (the UFOlogist who died under mysterious circumstances after exposing the so-called 'PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT'), who asked the question: "Who has beaten us to the moon by hundreds or even thousands of years?"
     Leonard, based on research gathered by himself and certain ex-NASA employees, confirms the suspicions of certain researchers to the effect that NASA is aware of the fact that an alien race (the Grays, etc.) and a human-like race has for centuries been fighting for possession of the moon, that mining equipment has been seen as well as many other evidences of lunar activity. Leonard says:

More than one...race occupies the Moon -- Culture traits and technology seen in different parts of the Moon vary considerably ... it appears from the body of reliable data that one or more of the (non-human) races regards us with disdain and values human life cheaply... Races capable of moving between star systems... and existing on the Moon must be capable of wiping us out at will. It is probably this (understandably) which PANICS the military.

     Mr. Leonard, during one of his interviews with an ex-NASA employee whom he refers to as Dr. Sam Wittcomb (a pseudonym to protect his real identity), at which time he showed 'Whittcomb' the ms. for his book, learned the following disturbing facts:

...And Sam Wittcomb read my manuscript in draft and then sat staring into the black night. When he spoke, it was in a hushed voice. I'd never heard him like that before.
     "They brought scientists together from many countries in the Spring of 1975. The meeting was in England. They wanted to talk on the quiet about 'extraterrestrials' and what they're up to. A lot of people at the top are scared."
     A cold spot formed in the small of my back. Sam turned to me.
     "They invited a physicist from Colorado, a man named Joachim Kuetner, who'd worked on the Moon program and knows what's up there. He could tell them about it first hand. About the frenetic building and digging going on, the spraying of craters and carving up of crater rims and ridges. I don't know exactly what they talked about. But you can bet they know it's not Earth-people's Moon anymore -- if it ever was. It belongs to THEM."

     As we've said, at least one of the races on the Moon is human, or identical to those of us on earth. If this is so, then we might ask ourselves "where on earth did these people come from, and how did they get to the moon before 'we' did?" It is certainly a reasonable question.
     There exist several corroborative accounts taken from ancient Hindu scripts (again, as Ripley would say "believe it or not"), which we will quote shortly, stating that the ancient GREEKS had actually developed flying ships thousands of years ago. Is it possible that the Hav-musuvs (which as we've said, may have been a neo-Grecian race because of their dress and their marble-like cities) would have taken the next logical step after developing aerial travel: that is, attempt to land one or more of their kind on the Moon... eventually upon Mars... and possibly even later upon planets in a nearby star system?
     The United States has made incredible advances in this area in a period of less than 100 years, thanks to the phenomena known as the technological curve (i.e. that a synchronous effort on the part of many contributing factors eventually leads to a multiplying explosion in technology). If America landed a man on the moon only 70 years after the Wright Brothers opened the skies to aerial travel, then can we expect anything less from the Hav-musuvs or others like them? For instance technology in our society is becoming thousands of times more sophisticated every year. Is it possible that the ancient Greeks or a similar ancient society had a 'technology explosion' thousands of years ago? If so, then it may have been possible for them to establish bases or colonies on the Moon, Mars, and perhaps beyond! We might add that there are some who even claim that the secret of "hyper-space" travel was inadvertently discovered only 40 years after the Wright Brothers successfully tested their aircraft at Kitty Hawk -- during a super-secret Navy experiment called the Rainbow Project which was carried out at the Philadelphia Naval harbor in 1943.
     If 'we' can go from the horse-and-buggy to landing men on the moon in LESS that 100 years (or from the horse-and-buggy to "hyperspace" travel in only 40 years!?) then how much exploration and colonization of other planetary bodies might have taken place by a race who three or four THOUSAND years ago possessed aerial craft and technologies equal to or greater than our own?
     One 'contactee', incidentally, has stated that a large 'space port' does in fact exist in a network of caverns deep below present-day Death Valley.
     In reference to this we will quote from a 'synopsis' of the experiences of Brazilian 'contactee' Jefferson Souza, as it appeared in a catalog put out by the UFO LIBRARY (11684 Ventura Blvd. #708., Studio City, CA 91604). Many of the individuals referred to in this catalog, which offers taped interviews or lectures describing their encounters, are either 'contactees' who have had friendly encounters with the so-called 'Nordic' or human-like beings who pilot many of the 'alien' craft; or who have been 'abducted' by the more manipulating and predatory 'Gray' or 'saurian' entities. Quoting from their description of Mr. Souza's experiences:

Reaction to the first sighting of a UFO is unpredictable. Jeff Souza had his first contact in 1979 when he was only 13. The memory of it was tucked away in the recesses of his mind. Twenty alien contacts during the next 10 years never fully restored the image. But those years were filled with excitement that would result in one of the most inspirational stories of alien contact ever recorded.
     The young Brazilian was possessed of intelligence and intuition. He studied and managed to complete one semester of medical school before giving up his formal education.
     In contact with two races of extraterrestrials, Jeff has met them in Brazil, Argentina and the United States. But where they occurred is unimportant when compared to the depth and scope of what he learned.
     The gentle VEGANS and the business-like UMMITES taught Souza more than he could ever imagine about technology and life on all planets. He was transported aboard a spaceship by LIGHT (anti-gravity rays? - Branton) and taken to other planets and (other) parts of the world. On one such trip he suffered an unusual reaction -- all his hair fell out. His watch broke at every contact.
     Jeff Souza has been questioned by experts in the field of alien contact. He has been clinically regressed through hypnotism to the time of his first contact but the answers came only in Portuguese. At that age, Jeff could not speak English.
     The details he has learned are awe inspiring. Answers to questions about time, space, matter, energy, life and spirituality easily rolled from his tongue. All prompted by the alien contacts of his past and present.
     There is a final precaution from his contacts -- we must all learn the lessons given to Jeff Souza because we are destroying our planet and if we don't change, not even the friendly aliens will be able to save us.

     We see here then a definite connection between the subterranea of the Death Valley region, which is reportedly inhabited by the neo-Grecian(?) Hav-musuvs and the human societies in 'Vega' and 'Ummo', which as we shall see later on, according to other contactees, are "Federated" with other human colonies or civilizations in Tau Ceti, Epsilon Eridani, Alpha Centauri, the Pleiades and elsewhere.
     Although Jefferson Souza claims to have encountered the Ummo People in landed craft, the Vegans are the ones who allowed him to travel on their craft most often. It was also the Vegans who showed him the MASSIVE basing complex below Death Valley, which contained chambers miles in diameter and numerous compartmentalized sectors which had been adapted to meet the gravitational, atmospheric and environmental needs of the various Federation world representatives who use the base as a way-station for their operations on earth. Apparently the Hav-musuvs have been VERY BUSY for the last few thousand ears, if we are to believe Souza's account.
     In addition to the above, Souza learned of two other alien species that are in conflict to some extent with the humanoids with whom he maintained contact. One of these includes an "Insectoid" type race, while the other is reptilian. The latter consists of a tall, very reptilian-saurian appearing "master" race to which the shorter reptilian "Grays" are subservient. There are at least three types of "Grays", according to Souza: those that reproduce via egg-hatcheries, those that reproduce via cloning, and those that reproduce via polyembryony.
     One might ask: if some of our ancient ancestors were so intelligent that they could develop aerial craft, then where is all the evidence? The evidence is there, but has been largely ignored by orthodox scientists who cannot fit the existence of advanced prehistoric civilizations into their own theoretical framework. For instance:
     Ancient sophisticated artifacts discovered imbedded in SOLID ROCK (including ancient 'spark plugs', metal cubes, gold chains, metal vases, nails, screws, and even electric batteries such as those described in Rene Noorbergen's SECRETS OF THE LOST RACES - Bobbs-Merril Co., N.Y.), as well as artifacts found on the ocean floor, give evidence to the fact that our ancient ancestors were FAR more intelligent in the scientific realm than we give them credit for. Yves Naud, in his book UFO'S AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS IN HISTORY (Ferni Publishers, Geneva, Switzerland, 1978) describes one such artifact:

In 1900, sponge divers near Antikythera (Greece), found rusty fragments of