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(Or, The Conspiracy Against Reality)

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     George Adamski, the 1950's "contactee" and alleged Rosicrucian, was one of several who claimed to have had contacted Aryan-like saucer pilots during that time period. One little known fact about his contact in the Mojave desert was that one of the 'footprints' left by the 'man' he encountered in his initial experience revealed some strange symbols which had apparently been impressed into the ground from the sole of the aliens' shoe. One footprint showed two depiction's of a 'swastika'. One inter- pretation is that the saucer pilots encountered by George Adamski and other contactees such as George King, George Van Tassel, George Hunt Williamson (apparently these "E.T.s" have an affinity for those bearing the name "George" - Branton), Howard Menger, Mel Noel, and others are not Germans in the true sense of the word. It is believed by some however that the Germans have for centuries been doing business with a race of ancient ARYANS -- possibly tied-in with the ancient Aryans who occupied India several thousand years ago -- or "Arriani", who are part of a high-tech society based in underground cities near the North and South poles. German occultists in fact have been known to sabotage polar expeditions of other nations long before the beginning of World War I. These "Aryans" may have assisted the Germans with their technology during World War II, although it is uncertain whether or not they actually agreed with or support- ed Adolph Hitler's racist genocidal policies. These "Arriani" seem to have some connection with the so-called "Tribunal" on Saturn, which may explain why plans discovered for Nazi flying disks revealed one design that was an EXACT DUPLICATE of the so- called "Venusian" design described and photographed by Adamski.
     In his book 'MESSENGERS OF DECEPTION' (Bantom Books, 1980), Jacques Vallee relates some disturbing connections between fascist politics and some of the early 'contactees' of California. According to Vallee, Adamski had pre-war ties with American fascist leader William Dudley Pelley, who was interned during the war. Contactee George Hunt Williamson (whose real name was Michael d'Obrenovic) was associated with Pelly's organization, 'Soulcraft', in the early fifties. Other associates of Williamson during the great era of the 'flying saucers' were such contactees as John McCoy and the two Stanford brothers, Ray and Rex. Pelley, who died in 1965, was the leader of the 'Silver Shirts', an American Nazi group which began it's activities about 1932. It's membership overlapped strongly with Guy Ballard's 'I AM' movement based at Mt. Shasta. It was about 1950 that G.H. Williamson began working for Pelley at the offices of his 'Soulcraft' Publications, in Noblesville, Indiana, before moving to California, where he allegedly witnessed Adamski's desert contact in 1952, with a 'Venusian with long blond hair.'
     Former 'Dulce' worker Thomas Castello, who was previously alleged to have worked as a top secret photo analyst for the Air Force, reported seeing a photo of a 'disk' with a swastika on it's side!
     In all fairness, as we have suggested, it is possible that those who contacted Adamski were not 'Nazis' as we know them. Perhaps Adolph Hitler took an ancient and already existing symbol as some suggest and corrupted it with his own malevolent occultic philosophies. Then again, many of the claims made to Adamski do not ring true with many scientific UFOlogists, such as the allegation that the surface of Venus is just as temperate and mild as the earth itself, and so on. Could those who contacted Adamski have been using Venus as a 'cover' to hide their true place of origin (perhaps Antarctica) as other researchers have suggested?
     As for the swastika itself, the Hopi Indians of northwest Arizona and the ancient Hindus, for instance, were apparently using it thousands of years before the Nazis began to... and some suggest that German occultists may have borrowed the symbol from them.
     The following report appeared in the Sept. 1966 issue of FATE, pages 25 and 28:

"FROM 'DOWN UNDER' -- We suspect this story may be a hoax but we can't resist reporting it. We have TWO DIFFERENT clippings from Darwin, Australia, concerning the discovery of animal flesh, hairs and hide during a well-drilling operation at a depth of 102 feet.
     "An experienced well driller, Norman Jenson, was boring for water 15 miles from Killarney homestead, about 350 miles south of Darwin. He had penetrated seven layers of limestone, clay, red soil and sandstone when, at 102 feet, the bit of the drill struck something soft and quickly dropped to 111 feet.
     Jensen thought the drill had penetrated an underground water course and lowered a pump to make tests. His pump brought to the surface a bucketful of what he believed to be flesh, bone, hide and hairs. Jensen told Constable Roy Harvey he never had seen anything like this before. Some of the material was given to chickens at Killarney station. They ate it, apparently without ill effect. Several days later the rest of the matter HAD NOT putrefied, although it had been left EXPOSED in the open air.
     "Dr. W. A. Langsford, Northern Territory Director of Health in Darwin, stated that microscopic examination revealed the material to be hair and tissue. Samples were to be forwarded to forensic laboratories in Adelaide for further tests. There is even a possibility, he said, that the matter is HUMAN.
     "Possibly romancing, Australians report that for many years overland drovers have DISLIKED TAKING CATTLE ALONG THAT PART OF THE ROUTE because of FREQUENT STAMPEDES."

     One might wonder if the 'material' allegedly recovered from the well might have been from a 'Sasquatch' like creature or an animal unknown to us. It would seem logical for living matter, once dead, to remain 'relatively' free from putrifecation for long periods of time within the cool and unchanging environment of an underground cavern system as opposed to the often hot, degenerating and debilitating environment on the surface. Could a type of natural 'mummification' have also taken place underground, possibly explaining why the hair and flesh had not putrefied after several days?
     According to William Hamilton, John Lear revealed an incident concerning an older gentleman who is known only as Mr. 'K', whose son was being held captive in an underground base in Utah. This son formerly worked in the Dulce base in New Mexico and possibly was transferred to the base in Utah via an underground route. When contacted about the incident, Mr. Lear had this to say:

"...The son, whose father I met and who passed away several years ago is apparently being held in a base near or around Sleeping Ute Mountain [Utah]. I don't remember how I came by that information but it had to do with some research I was conducting in a search for the Project Blue Light base near Delores (which I never found)."

     Native 'Indians' of Alaska refer to a benevolent tribe who long ago disappeared underground into vast underground chambers below the mountains north of the town of Tanana. Occasionally, tradition holds, a young member of one of the villages on the surface would become overly discouraged by their life in the world above, and would make a journey in search of these caverns and their peaceful inhabitants, and disappear into the underground land where they would enjoy a more fulfilling life.
     It would be very encouraging if most of the accounts of subsurface colonies were of this genre. A few centuries ago this might have been the case, but the infestation and under-mining of the continents by so-called "draconian" forces and the mercenary "gray" species that work for them, has reportedly increased dramatically -- especially during the last few centuries -- to the point that their influence may be dominant in the subterranean world. However it is encouraging that in the latter part of the 20th century the reptilian advances seem to have halted in several areas of the world as indicated by the numerous 'standoffs', and in some cases reptilian forces have apparently been driven back and defeated as more and more humans refuse to give up their ground, having become aware of their malicious intent as well as the propaganda and deceptions which the aliens have in the past used as effective tools of conquest on their part.
     Some researchers have stated that there are some governments which are considering possible overt military action against the serpent races (or 'Grays', 'EBE's', 'ALF's' etc., as they are also known) if such becomes necessary. Covert military action has allegedly been initiated in the past, with mixed results.
     The alleged interception of a reptilian-controlled aerial craft in South Africa could be considered a victory, whereas the 66 CIA-trained Delta Force and Blue Beret special forces, casualties in the "Dulce Wars" (and God only knows how many 'casualties' in the way of the human abductions and mutilations, the knowledge of which allegedly attributed in part to the 'Wars') beneath the Archuleta mesa in New Mexico, could be considered a defeat.
     If or when such action is taken it would be very wise to consider the need for what we may call an "occupational force". To illustrate, let's use the Middle East crisis of the early 1990's as an example, without going into whether the economic motives for the counter-offensive were commendable or not.
     In that case we had a small relatively undefended country by the name of Kuwait. Having become apathetic to the Iraqui- Babylonian threat, this small nation in essence let their guard down, "fell asleep" under the influence of their wealthy, materialistic and extravagant lifestyle, and in such a 'drunken' state lost their vigilance against any possible enemy who might try to overtake them.
     Taking advantage of the relatively undefended borders, Iraqui troops swiftly moved in and took control of the nation, looting and pillaging, and in some cases gang-raping woman and little girls in front of their families, following which the entire family was often murdered.
     Unable to defend themselves, they petitioned a much more powerful force, the United States and the Allied Coalition to help them fight the battle. The rest is history.
     After the Allies drove modern 'Babylon' from Kuwait (Saddam Hussain made no secret of the fact that he identified himself with the first Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, and was in the process of rebuilding the ancient city of Babylon), an "occupational force" was left by some of the Allies, as well as the now much-more-vigilant Kuwaites.
     After this enemy (not necessarily the Iraqui soldiers themselves, but the mad dictator who drove them to their deaths by the thousands and whom many of them secretly resented) was cast out, this "occupational force" was necessary to defend the region from a possible re-invasion. If such an occupational defense force once again became non-vigilant and let down it's guard, then there is a chance that the former invaders would regroup their forces and re-invade the land, possibly with even greater fury, not willing to make the same mistake as before.
     In the same manner, if an overt attack against the reptilian invaders is undertaken, it would serve little purpose in the long run to destroy multitudes of them physically and IGNORE the NEED for their human victims (victims of subtle alien occult-technological mind manipulation) to be delivered from their "Post-Traumatic Stress" and other psychological, emotional and physical problems that were the direct result of alien interference in their lives. The need for psychological and spiritual 'de- programming' (as well as the safe removal of implants and subconscious "programs" injected through hypnotic indoctrination) would be paramount!
     Since the serpent races rely on demoniacal energy and assistance to empower their activities, they seek to destroy man's connection or relationship with Almighty God, the ONLY one powerful enough to protect and defend man from this reptilian influence -- a force which would otherwise seek to conquer and control all of creation using all of the deception, confusion, subtlety and cunning at it's disposal.
     God is not going to FORCE man to trust in Him, since we all have the free choice to determine our own destinies (and in fact if God only created a race who had no free will, but followed His every dictate robotically, then the human 'soul' or 'personality' as we know it would not exist).
     On the other hand, we MUST realize that man is like a living 'temple' created to magnify his Creator. If there is no 'light' in the temple, then darkness must reign within it, but where the light exists, darkness vanishes.
     There is no 'middle' ground. One cannot expect to defeat these 'dragons' of deception nor the poltergeists or infernal supernatural entities that motivate them, while at the same time refusing to abide in the LIFE or LIGHT of God. If we were to destroy most of the reptilian influences and temporarily cast them out of their trenches (so to speak) and at the same time refuse to establish an "occupying force" in the form of divine dominion in our own personal lives as a nation, then the reptilians may regather their infernal forces and return in even greater force the next time, intent on learning from the 'mistakes' of their last defeat.
     Several 'abductees' have allegedly be taken during the night by GOVERNMENT officials by way of anything from flying disks, pickups, or even jet aircraft. One couple, referred to in a book titled 'INTO THE FRINGE', by Karla Turner, Ph.D., (Berkley Books, N.Y. 1992) described such an abduction which they shared one night. They were 'drugged' and put into a type of dream-like trance and then taken via pickup to a remote swamp-like area. The next thing they remembered was descending through some type of tube only to find themselves walking through a musty underground cavern filled with various machines similar to those one might find in a factory. They were escorted into a room which resembled a 'saloon'. The husband later felt as if this atmosphere may have been specifically designed to reinforce the 'dreamy' quality of the experience. However, the husband began to come out of the 'trance', at which point a man (like an Army Sergeant) noticed him and became very upset and emotional. He began asking the husband questions about his abductions by the Grays (the couple did recall such abductions, which were shared with other people, some of whom they claimed were in the underground military installation that same night). The Military officer wanted to know what the Grays had told them, what their plans were, and so on. When the husband refused to answer him the Officer lost control and became very emotional, DEMANDING to be told what the grays were doing, treating him more-or-less like a collaborator with an enemy power rather than as a victim of an abduction.
     If the (Constitutional) Government is going to such lengths to find out what is going on, then they must not have all of the answers. Unfortunately many abductees are seen as possible 'collaborators' by various segments of the U.S. Military, and the fault for this probably lies with them as well as with the abductees, being that the Constitutionals through their own apathy had in the past allowed the secret government, particularly the CIA, to drag them into the 'game'. The Air Force for instance must have been deceived by the CIA as to the true nature of the Grays, and it has only been in recent decades that they have come to realize the full truth, and therefore explaining the present 'Intelligence War' between the two Intelligence agencies -- Naval Intelligence's "COM-12" which supports a counter-offensive against the Gray Empire and the pro-Gray CIA-NSA "AQUARIUS" agency -- both of which are fighting for control of the Nevada Military Complex, the underground bases, the Wackenhut tech- nologies, the Intelligence Network (especially MJ-12), and the U.S. Government itself.
     Hopefully in the future the 'elected' government and the abduction VICTIMS will be able to put aside their paranoia of each other (no doubt fueled by alien propaganda), and work together for each others mutual benefit AS THEY DID DURING THE GENESIS OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC. At this point it is obvious that if they don't learn to work together and RESPECT each other (the Government respecting the public's right to Constitutional Freedom and the Public respecting the Constitutional government's duly elected authority), little will be accomplished in the way of defending ourselves from the alien vermin who infest and undermine the nations of our world.
     First we must make a distinction between the Constitutionally ELECTED open government and the National Socialist IMPOSED secret government. To put it simply, the UNITED NATIONS who betrayed America during the Korean and Vietnam wars is the ENEMY WITHIN that must be thrown out of America. If they desire a world dictatorship (for that is exactly what they are promoting, in spite of the 'benevolent world government' tripe that they have been spouting for years), then they can go do it some- where else. As for the United States of America, we have our own historical document upon which this great nation was founded -- The "DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE"!
     The following account was revealed by writer and UFO investigator Preston Dennet, in an article titled: 'EXPOSED: PROJECT REDLIGHT'. In his article, which originally reached several thousand readers, he reveals the following information which supports the allegations of William Cooper, John Lear, Michael Lindemann and several others:

     "...Tom's story began in high school. He was very bright and had received an exceptionally high score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test. In fact, his scores were so high, it caused some attention to be paid to him. It seemed that the United States Government was very interested in Tom and wanted him to work for them. He had no idea then what his high scores were going to cost him.
     "Government officials first approached Tom's parents, and asked them if they would allow their son to work for the government. When Tom's parents gave their consent, Tom was approached and given an offer he couldn't refuse. In exchange for his services, he would receive a Top Secret security clearance to match a ridiculously large salary. His job was to conduct research in a Top Secret underground base in Alaska.
     "Tom accepted the offer and went directly out of high school and into government service. He told everyone that he was stationed at a base in Nevada -- but this was only a cover story. In reality Tom spent only the weekends in Nevada. On weekdays he flew by private military jet to a Top Secret Government base in Alaska.
     "The base was an eight story building located almost totally underground. The base financed itself by setting up the world's leading drug smugglers. Officials would arrest the drug smugglers, confiscate all the money and drugs, and then turn around and sell the drugs to another smuggler -- whom they would then proceed to arrest and confiscate. It sounds like a strange way to finance a scientific-military research base, but it is obviously very profitable. Although not strictly legal, such practices could be justified in the name of National Security (at least in some minds).
     "Tom reported that the base was mainly a research station that nabbed up some of the best scientific minds in the country, and had the latest technology for advanced research. There were three major areas of research of which he was aware.
     "Firstly, the base researched and developed biological weapons, which, as Tom said, made all other weapons seem like childsplay.
     "Secondly, the base researched and developed electronic sensory and detection devices that allowed telescopic sight through solid objects, such as walls.
     "Thirdly -- and most importantly -- the base researched and developed electromagnetic propulsion devices -- flying crafts which needed no fuel other than the Earth's magnetic field on which to operate. According to Tom, the ships look like UFOs, and are able to hover silently, and move at astonishing speeds. As Tom says in his own words, 'Some of the UFOs seen over Alaska are probably ours.'
     "Tom didn't say exactly what his job at the base entailed, but he did say that the security was extremely high. Every week he was subjected to a horrible ritual. Due to the nature of his job, everything about him had to be known. He would be taken to a special room where he was dosed with Sodium Pentothal and put into a hypnotic trance. For a period of a couple hours, he would be interrogated into every aspect of his life for the past week. Every detail would be laid bare to make sure that there were no security leaks. This agonizing ritual was repeated every week as long as he was at the base. There were no exceptions.
     "Tom evidently got out of the business after several years as the lifestyle was too harsh. Since he left the base he has been, and still is, under close monitoring by the government. After his release from the base, he was offered several extremely high-paying jobs by some of the country's leading corporations. Tom declined these offers and pursued a more modest job and lifestyle.
     "So closes Tom's story, which alone could be easily dismissed. But in league with those collected by other researchers, it seems evident that the government is in possession of UFOs, and are in fact, flying them around!"

     The following article comes from the 'TC TECHNICAL CONSULTANT', Nov.-Dec., 1991 issue:

"The death of a journalist in West Virginia, plus the jailing of an alleged CIA computer consultant in Washington State may be elements of a much wider scandal that could have serious implications for the Bush White House in 1992.
     "What started out as an investigation of an apparent case of pirated software has grown to be a project involving hundreds of journalists all over the world.
     "The dead journalist, Joseph Daniel 'Danny' Casolaro was found dead August 10th in a motel room in West Virginia. His wrists were slashed seven times on each wrist and a suicide note was found nearby. The only manuscript of his book, with accompanying notes, WAS MISSING.
     "The book, provisionally titled 'The Octopus', was meant to be an explosive expose of misdeeds by the Justice Department under the Reagan administration. Time Magazine also reported that Casolaro's research centered on gambling and attempted arms deals at the Cabazon reservation near Indio (California - Branton).
     "Indeed, the scope of Casolaro's investigation was so large that any one of a large number of areas of research could have been the trigger for a possible hit.
     "While authorities declared his death a suicide, his relatives definitely stated that Casolaro's mental state was sound, indeed upbeat, after the completion of his book.
     "Casolaro started his work nearly two years before, investigating the bankrupting of a small computer software company called Inslaw, allegedly by the U.S. Justice Department. INSLAW, a company headed by Bill and Nancy Hamilton of Washington D.C., had developed a package known as PROMIS -- short for Prosecutor's Management Information System -- to act as a case management tool for the Justice Department's unwieldy work load.
     "Inslaw President Bill Hamilton (NOT to be mistaken for the well-known UFO researcher - Branton) has claimed that Ed Meese associate EARL BRIAN was given control of pirated versions of the PROMIS software by Meese to sell back to different U.S. government agencies for great profit. Two courts have so far agreed with Hamilton, awarding an 8 million dollar judgment, but a higher court of appeal has quashed the award and the verdict, declaring that it was not the jurisdiction of the lower courts. As of October 9, the case has moved into the realm of the Supreme Court.

"According to a Washington man, who claims to have modified the cobol-based software for the CIA and other intelligence agencies, the software was a reward for Earl Brian's role in arranging the so-called 'October Surprise' gambit, the alleged conspiracy to withhold the American hostages in Iran until after the 1980 election which saw Carter removed from power. The 'October Surprise' scandal has taken some time to emerge.
     "In a Paris meeting, President Bush (at the time Ronald Reagan's Vice Presidential running mate - Branton) is alleged to have met with Ali Akabar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Mohammed Ali Rajai, the future President of Iran and Manucher Ghorbanifar, an Iranian arms dealer with connections to Mossad, according to Navy Captain Gunther Russbacher who claims to have flown Bush, William Casey -- the CIA chief -- and Donald Gregg, a CIA operative to that location. Russbacher, who made these allegations in May is now in jail on Terminal Island, convicted on the charge of impersonating a U.S. Attorney.
     "The Washington man is MICHAEL RICONOSCIUTO who is now waiting for a trial in a Washington jail on conspiracy to sell drugs charges, charges which Riconosciuto claims are manufactured. Indeed, the charge made against Riconosciuto were made one week after Riconosciuto authored and signed an affidavit describing his role in modifying the pirated software.
     "The affidavit also claimed that he had been contacted by phone and threatened by PETER VIDENIEKS, a Justice Department employee and Customs official, who Riconosciuto alleged had intelligence ties, as to the possible consequences of his going public with certain information.
     "According to Riconosciuto, Videnieks was a frequent visitor to the Cabazon Indian reservation near Palm Springs and visited with tribal manager, John P. Nichols. Nichols was in essence Riconosciuto's boss in a number of enterprises conducted on reservation land and the PROMIS modification was just one of these projects. According to Riconosciuto, in an interview with T.C. conducted from jail, the PROMIS software was modified to install a backdoor access for use by American intelligence services. The software was then sold to 88 different countries as a sort of 'trojan horse' package enabling us to access their intelligence systems. According to Riconosciuto these countries included Iraq and Libya.
     "Correspondence between Nichols and other companies, if authentic, indicates that Riconosciuto's claims of his expertise in the area of electronics and armaments appear to be true. Marshall Riconosciuto, Michael's father, is a reputed former business partner of Richard Nixon.
     "According to Riconosciuto, the fuzzy status of reservation land as 'sovereign' allowed elements of the CIA and organized crime to conduct business uniquely.
     "Among the projects worked on during this time were joint projects with WACKENHUT, a company loaded with former CIA and NSA personnel and business ventures with the Saudi Arabian royal family and other unusual projects.
     "A joint venture with Southern California Edison will soon be generating power for bio-mass drawn from local waste outlets. Biological warfare projects were investigated with Stormont laboratories looking into the creation of 'pathogenic viruses' and enhanced fuel-air explosive weapons (which) were created and tested in league with Meridian Arms at the NEVADA TESTING RANGE which matched the explosive power of nuclear devices.
     "These enhanced weapons gained their power from polarizing the molecules in the gas cloud by modification of the electric field, a technology developed from exploring Thomas Townsend Brown's suppressed work, a knowledge which Riconosciuto claims he gained from working at LEAR in Reno, Nevada.
     "Riconosciuto is said to have worked on the enhanced fuel- air explosive weapons with Gerald Bull of Space Research Corporation. Bull, now deceased, later became an arms advisor to Saddam Hussein. It is said that HUSSEIN POSSESSES THE FAE TECHNOLOGY.
     "In July, Anson Ng, a reporter for the Financial Times of London was shot and killed in Guatemala. He had reportedly been trying to interview an American there named Jimmy Hughes, a one-time director of security for the Cabazon Indian Reservation secret projects.
     "In April, a Philadelphia attorney named Dennis Eisman was found dead, killed by a single bullet in his chest. According to a former federal official who worked with Eisman, the attorney was found dead in the parking lot where he had been due to meet with a woman who had crucial evidence to share substantiating Riconosciuto's claims.
     "Both Eisman's and Ng's deaths were declared suicides by authorities.
     "Fred Alvarez, a Cabazon tribal leader who was in vocal opposition to the developments on the reservation, was found shot to death with two friends in 1981. Their murder remains unsolved.
     "The leader of the House, Thomas Foley, announced last month that a formal inquiry will be initiated into the Inslaw case. Foley appointed Senator Terry Sanford as co-chairman of the joint congressional panel. Prior to his election, Senator Sanford was the attorney representing Earl Brian in his 1985 takeover bid for United Press International and was instrumental in appointing Earl Brian, a medical doctor, to the board of Duke Medical School, of which Sanford is President.
     "However, despite repeated requests from journalists to produce photographs showing Riconosciuto together with Brian, and requests to produce his passport showing his alleged trip to Iran, he has not yet done so. Also Riconosciuto failed to be able to describe Peter Videnieks to CNN's Moneyline program, claiming a medical condition prevented him from remembering clearly.
     "This led one former intelligence operative to speculate that we may be witnessing a very sophisticated intelligence operation being played out in public.
     "Former F.B.I. Special Agent, Ted Gunderson, speaks for Riconosciuto's credibility. Gunderson, who lives in Manhattan Beach, has worked with Riconosciuto for many years in his capacity as private investigator.
     "Together, according to Gunderson, they were responsible for thwarting a terrorist operation during the Los Angeles Olympics. According to Gunderson, Riconosciuto was well known in certain circles as a genius in almost all sciences.
     "The so-called drug operation broken up in Washington State was an electrohydrodynamic mining operation claimed Gunderson, using Townsend Brown technology. A videotape viewed by this journalist revealed metallic powders and apparent processes unrelated to drug manufacture. Indeed, a government analysis of soil samples revealed the absence of drug contamination, but a high concentration of barium. Barium is often found in high voltage related work.